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About Us

Duhtimes was started with a motive to inspire people for taking up the journey of learning and exploring the other part of the conscious world. Settling for the bigger and pushing limits to eventually become a better version of yourself.


The world is ours. All you got to do is push yourself out of that couch. Now is where we come into play. We let you know what is out there that you need to crave for. Duhtimes tells you tales that help you choose your way to live life by delivering you the essential guides.

By the evolutionary development, humankind has achieved, we have forgotten the basic functionality.

We at Duhtimes are storytellers. We bring you tales from our experience of performing an infinite learning concept into our real lives. People may consider us lunatic, but it doesn’t bother us. That’s because everyone has their journey and we have ours. What matters is, are you ready to take up the journey that we insist? The journey of infinite learning and pushing limits to the beyond?

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